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After the holidays, more good stuff :)

Happy New Year all, and hope you had a Merry Christmas and/or other assorted holidays. :)

We got the Mage Maze connected, and it's a blast! Darlentian had a great vision, drew up great plans with copious notes, and Sygis (me) implemented the designs. I think it turned out pretty well, and is a lot of fun. Designed for newbie mages, it really gives them a nice place to start. I'ld suspect they can level pretty steadily in there for the first few levels, and would have to really try to get killed doing so. (Of course, 'consider' helps ;')

We're continuing to get newbie areas connected (not that we don't already have a vast selection for all levels, but rounding out the collection always helps :). And little by little, bit by bit, Fox keeps getting better every day (a new item), every week (a new mob) and every month (a new area ;').

Down the road only a bit is the other end of the spectrum: a Lord level city for our Lord level continent (Lords are mortals who have maxed their levels in two classes, and gain special spells or skills in their prime class). Fellport is on the radar again, and this time we'll find a way to get it connected within a couple months (sooner if possible, but done right it's a pretty major area :).

Meanwhile, save often, keep a recall handy, and be excellent to each other, Sygis :)
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