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Quests, Familiars, and Folks :)

We've been having Quests several times a week, and everybody's been having fun (and been earning some
Quest Points ... good for so many things ;). One player has been mapping like mad, and is pulling ahead in these quests (knowing how to get there from here seems to be useful ... imagine that ;').

...and with the holiday season upon us, Santa might be needing a little help from our players (read: Quest -- and who gives better presents than Santa, eh? ;')

Familiars are really getting fun, and as we add in more features for them, they'll be even funner! (funnier?) (funnerestist?) Heh, and we're soon to have even more creatures you can familiar, too. :)

Finally, familiar folk finding Fox furthers ...well, it's neat to see 'em come back, frankly! :)
And as more old time builders return, we'll have more new and fantastic things to explore and gather....
Ooooo :)

Take care, all, and see you around. :)

Fox MUD, an original and innovative world to explore, expanding and improving since 1993,
Sygis :)
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