sygis (sygis) wrote in foxmud,

Mage Maze soon...

The new Mage Guild of Dakron Bae will soon be opening its Mage Maze ... probably a couple days at most, and before Christmas, to be sure. :) It's an ongoing implementation of Darlentian's concepts and outlines. (And, yes, it was actually something laid out on paper in the late 1990's, so in spite of the recent release of a very good young wizard's school movie featuring a maze, it was an original idea, like all of our areas. ;')

So, if you're creating a newbie mage prime, this might be a good place to learn the ropes (hedge maze, clockwork mobs, mages have a small edge there, and its a very forgiving 'maze' which actually encircles the Guild of Mages, save for a walkway between the main entrance, the two hedge maze entrances, and Seer Street in Dakron Bae). Should be great fun, and also designed for those who pay at least mild attention to their surroundings. ;')

Have fun and take care, Sygis :)
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