sygis (sygis) wrote in foxmud,

Weeee, What's New!

Whoops, wow...okay, I neglected posting for a *bit*! We've got a few new areas about to be connected, including a n00bie thief area this weekend ... hint: backstab is level 1 thief skill, so these mobbie have reallybigbacks! ;) Meanwhile, we've tweaked a lot of little stuff to make Fox even funner, added little touches like the ability to list last 2 1/2 dozen channel messages at will (Say what?? indeed :), quested in 'create beer' spell ;') and had our big annual Founder's Day (Nov) and just cycled into our next annual Typo Quest.... (for details, our News within Fox has the full list :). Meanwhile, as ever: "More caffeine does not replace less sleep!" and of course "Fox MUD -- more fun than sleep!" See you around! (*must remember to post more soonerer* ;')
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