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The FoxMUD LiveJournal Community

Gateway to the MUD

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This is a LiveJournal community for players, builders, and admins of FoxMUD.

FoxMUD is a large MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) rooted in a basic Fantasy setting. It is full of over 150 all-original areas built by over 50 different creators over the years. The codebase was once Diku, and the syntax and commands will be very familiar to any Diku or CircleMUD player. However, the code is now original and boasts many insanely cool features waiting to be used by you.

Because of a tempestuous history, FoxMUD disappeared for quite some time. It has returned for good, with its own dedicated server and a core group of admins committed to rebuilding this world greater than it ever was. All we need now are players, and so you are welcome to join this community, and FoxMUD itself.